On Email

Recently, Chris Anderson of Ted Talks fame published his ’email charter’ online (emailcharter.org), which he hopes will make our lives easier. The simple rules in the charter will help in the decluttering of our electronic inboxes and free up more of our time for other things in life, or so Anderson’s line of reasoning goes.

It seems strange that we need to have rules for sending emails out and even rules for how to type its short form. (In March 2011, the AP stylebook decided to change the spelling of ’email’ to ’email’ instead of ‘e-mail’ http://mashable.com/2011/03/18/ap-stylebook-email/)

Perhaps it is a sign of how we are so fully entrenched in digital technology that we need rules to abide by in this brave new digital age before we drown in a sea of information overload.

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