Video Interviews at IATEFL Glasgow Online

Thanks to our Programme Director Mrs Ang-Tay May Yin’s blogging on the 46th Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition 2012 over at her blog, I’ve been exploring the Glasgow Online conference site and listening to some of the video interviews as I attempt (and largely fail) to multi-task.

Of interest to some Singaporeans who grew up watching James Lye and Wong Li Lin in the local cop drama Triple Nine would be the interview with Chong Chia Suan, one of the actresses in the show who is now a teacher and teacher trainer at IH London. She talks about multicultural communication and in particular, politeness across cultures.

And then there is an interview with Neil Ballantyne, Mobile Learning Manager at The British Council, in which he introduces, among other things, a storyreading app that lets you know when your child has finished reading a book so you can send him/her a congratulatory message as a form of encouragement.

Finally, it was a thrill for me to look and listen to David Crystal, whose voice I had hitherto only ‘heard’ in his grammar books. He talks about how language has changed with technology and is so humourous and energetic that it put a smile on my face, just before I returned to the other task that required my ‘single-tasked’, undivided attention.

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