All aboard a very fast train

Facebook’s IPO at 11.00 a.m. EST on 18 May and a presentation I did for a two-year-old research project recently got me thinking about how fast technology and in particular, social media, is moving.

In the run-up to the Facebook IPO, as talk was swirling around the monetary worth of Facebook, there were comments that suggested an uneasiness in Facebook’s future. When GM announced just 3 days before the Facebook IPO that it had decided to stop advertising on Facebook, it just added more fuel to the fire. Was this the peak of Facebook’s reign as a social media company? Was social media just a passing phase? Financial and technological blogs everywhere were buzzing about whether Facebook was worth investing in. (One particularly succinct one is this one by Mark Evans entitled ‘Warning: Stay away from the Facebook IPO’)

Really, technology has been moving so quickly these days that it’s not just about me reminiscing about my first 386 computer in Primary School anymore, but me having a conversation with my peers about a smart phone app we used to use extensively a few months ago that just isn’t in vogue anymore.

Two years ago, the research project that I had done on the issues surrounding the use of Google Docs for collaborative writing had seemed so fresh and cutting-edge but two weeks ago, I found myself apologizing for how dated it sounded now.

This has an implication on how ICT is used in education and how ICT funds are used. Pedagogy needs to continue to take centrestage and teachers need to know that because of the changing trends, the thought behind the lesson planning needs to be clearer than ever.

That has been the direction taken during the ICT Mentor training, so I’m glad we’re on the right track, despite the fact that the world is moving on a very fast technological train. 🙂

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