#edsg on Effective Communication

Some time back in August, the community at #edsg voted for ‘What is effective communication’ as a topic for the weekly discussion.

Two months later (an eternity in social media), I thought I’d put the link to the ‘storified’ version here:


Around that same period, Audrey, Guoliang and I also interviewed @shamsensei and @tucksoon, the 2 men who started the whole weekly Twitter chat off. The ‘storified’ version of that interview is here:


Throughout the whole session from 8-9 pm on 21st August, the chat trended on Twitter Singapore, generating the 7th most Twitter traffic that night, not an easy task for a relatively small group of educators talking about effective communication. That ‘trending trend’ continued for a few more weeks after that, drawing attention from Channel News Asia, which has a show with live tweeting during that timeslot as well.

It’s Tuesday today, so do pop in to #edsg on Twitter from 8-9 pm and join the conversation! 🙂

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