14 Nov part 2. Still rainy. Still on the bus. 1927.

I try to concentrate on the New York Times article on behavioural scientists behind the Obama campaign
but hunger distracts me
I look out of the window, making out the outlines of Goldenmile.
It’s still a long way to go
I consider asking someone to pick me up midway
then decide against it.
No point, it’ll be slow anyway
the roads are too wet

How do you motivate yourself on a long bus ride? In a sense, you don’t really need to, because you can’t do a thing about your situation. But there is a need to find comfort in the situation. Comfort. Perhaps that’s the word.

Comfort in hunger. Considering the people who are starving around the world. People who haven’t eaten for days, not just a couple of hours. Comfort in knowing the bus is moving, that every start-pause-jerk is bringing me closer to home.

The Christmas lights look so pretty through the smeared glass.

Comfort through distraction.

The conversations have gone quiet
and the remains of all our collective work days hang in the air

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