15 Nov. 1838.

I have a Intel CORE i5 vPro Windows 7 laptop in my bag
Issued by the Government
I will not hesitate to
swing it at you
if you dare to put your hand on me
as I sit, bag upon bag

I sat on the right side of the bus today and felt a bit unsettled. Usually I sit on the left. Sitting on the right is like sitting on a completely different bus. The shadow of the highway above looms a little more. The bus stops are out of view. I see more lanes of traffic than I usually do. Traffic is smooth today, the bus glides smoothly.

No conversation today. Single row of mostly men stare out of the windows or are tapping away at their phones. Perhaps the constant speed has lulled everyone into a stupor.

Shenton way.
Tables are set for after work dinners
Small tea lights flickering away
in anticipation

Men in suits walk around.
angmohs. always angmohs.
Well, sometimes Japanese.

Some young girls get on the bus
They chatter.
The sound of youth.
Interns, probably.

The Christmas decorations seem a bit garish today

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