A collapsed desk


The cake was too heavy and they really should have used better quality wood or We need to be more productive (2014)

(Chipboard, dense cake) 

And here we have a piece of modern art by an art collective who specializes in building everyday objects that are not built to last, in order to remind us of the impermanence of man-made objects, as well as to keep the industry of cheap office furniture afloat. You will notice that there is an empty paper plate with crumbs from a just-eaten slice of dense Christmas Eve raspberry cheesecake atop a table top on the brink of collapse. Think about what that signifies. The transience of a good meal, where you are only left with memories of what had once been? The constant search for a meal that truly satisfies? The sign that is incorporated into the work is an exhortation against rest in the country’s four official languages. Complacency, gluttony and negligence leads to shoddiness and collapse.

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