Why creative writing? (Part 2)

My organisation has started a book club for teachers to read Kelly Gallagher’s Teaching Adolescent Writing together. A summary of the book from the publisher can be found here, while a set of slide share slides on the book can be found here.

I’ve read the 1st two chapters so far and I’m really very enamored by the book. The fact that Gallagher is a full-time teacher as well as a writer gives it weight, and the tone is light and friendly.

Why creative writing? Here are 8 points from pages 16-23 of the book:

1. Writing is Hard, but “Hard” is Rewarding – writing is rewarding because it is hard. “When my students have written something well, I want them to recognize that comes from knowing that they have succeeded in “the most complex of all human activities””

2. Writing helps you sort things out

3.  Writing helps to persuade others

4. Writing helps to fight oppression (here, I thought of my previous entries on race and migrant workers poetry)

5. Writing makes you a better reader

6. Writing makes you smarter

“I have learned that writing requires me to think, and the thinking generated by writing opens the door to new thinking.”

7. Writing helps you get into and through college

8. Writing prepares you for the world of work

(Gallagher, 16-23)

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