There is a guy snoring on the bus. Real snores. The sounds reverberate through the upper deck, which due to who-knows-what, always has a thin medicinal smell. Perhaps some disinfectant is blasted through the vents with the cold air which is channeled through with such force that it sounds like it is propelling the vehicle forward. The snoring continues. A nasally sound, like air being forced up a choked pipe. I look around, try to identify the source. It seems to be an obese man in a checkered shirt — his multiple chins cushion his neck and earphones plug his ears. I once knew someone who snored so violently that he was frequently awakened by his own snoring. The couple sitting in front of the man move a few seats away. Now the man is really snoring without inhibition — not as if snorers have any. But now it sounds like the air is coming out of his mouth, and he is gasping for air through all the orifices of his body. Some amused looks from the other passengers, but most people just stare out of the window or fiddle with their phones. It is only Monday.

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