Notes from an Excel course

what are degrees of freedom?
the percentage a man can breathe and fight for truth
the number a person might strive for his own goals
the probablity of a mere human yearning for a higher purpose?

if our lives were an Excel sheet, what would your axes be?
The x — the sum of our days, measured in cells of work
The y — the height our souls can soar, unthethered

How would a histogram of your days appear,
what colour would the little bars be?


Excel finds it difficult to represent a probablity of 7.86896E- 05
If you were an Excel cell, which Excel cell would you be?

In F9, the function CHISQ.INV.RT() looks up the chi-square table built into Excel and
gives the value at which the chi-square value is significant.

Standard deviation is how far you are willing to go before the edge of your moral compass.
Standard deviation is how far you are from the maddening crowd

square distance

If you have large numbers the distribution of the mean will be normal


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