Nature: Redefined 

On my little foldie, I glance back and gasp. “This is a skyline to be proud of,” I mutter, pulling over to the side. 

Around me, photographers wielding large lenses run to get a good shot. I never see them on normal days. Some bat-signal must have alerted them. “Good sunset now!” The whatsapp message in some photography group might have read. 
They run to catch nature’s splendour at the close of another day, faster than the after-work joggers and the expat commuters in lycra covered in sweat. 

Would the sunset be more brilliant if it were not set behind an urban skyline that looks like building blocks a child stacked together? 

I try to imagine the same sunset in a desolate landscape, but I can’t. 

This is natural for me; the concrete canopy, the air-conditioned climate, the glass foliage. 

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