Your fly is open 

Sometimes, in moments of desperation, you look up and realize that life is really a lot more fun if you cherish the small moments .

Stranded at a bus stop on the wrong side of the road 30 minutes away from a destination I was supposed to reach 30 minutes ago, I look up in the midst of a sudden tropical downpour, and smile


My shoes are soaked and my hair is windswept. The rain is too heavy for me to cross the road. The other 5 people at the bus stop are trying their best to not get splashed by cars zooming into the huge roadside puddles. They huddle like penguins at one corner of the bus stop


And then, miraculously, a taxi stops for me. I get in, and without GPS, the driver brings me to the doorstep, fussing over dropping me where I won’t get wet and telling me to be careful and not fall. An angel, I think. This old man’s an angel. 

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